Teens are Victims of Lack of Online Safety and Data Security

The Internet has turned this world into a global village. Now even the school going kids have the access to the internet. It has been noticed that now parents give tablets and phones in their kid’s hands instead of a toy. It might seem like a reasonable solution, but they should know how dangerous it can be.

Social media and online website are a threat to the security of your child. Most teens are the victims because of lacking online safety and data security. They are easy targets and here is how your child is victimized.

Cyber bullying

Cyber bullying is common these days all thanks to social media sites. A single funny picture can ruin the reputation of your child within minutes and we all know swag and coolness is very important for teenagers. Make them understand that cyber bullies can be reported, and they have to take a stand against them. do not let your child suffer because 25% of the suicides happen because of Cyber bullying.


One of the biggest reasons that you should know what your teens are doing on the internet is pornography. Teenagers have hormones kicking in and they have to deal with the changes in their body and watching porn can make them take some bad decisions. Such sites can steal the digital identity of your child and use it against them. Apart from that, porn sites have adults that can teach them some wrong moves or get them associated with the wrong crowd.

Child trade

Recently one of the biggest threat that teens have been dealing with is child trade. Due to lack data security, most of the teens get caught with the child trade agents.

  • They will start will friendship and make your kids believe that they love them
  • Agents will ask for nudes to see if the teen is worth it or not
  • They will send the images to their customers
  • Your child will be invited to a party or lunch where they might take advantage of your kid or send him or her to a prostitute department.

Suicidal games

Lack of online safety has lead to the development of the suicidal games. You might have heard the suicides that have happened because of the blue whale game. The game only targeted teens because the developers knew they are easier to fool as compared to adults. There might be other games developed by hackers only to collect the data of your kids.

Bottom line

It is important that you teach your child about the online security. Have a password management system at home so that your teens will know when they have to change their passwords. Build a strong relationship with your kids so that they will share everything with you even what they are doing on their smart devices. If you notice anything wrong, you will be able to guide your child. Instead of punishment, it is better that you show them the bad side of the internet.

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