Ten Most Popular Identity Phishing Methods

We all have heard and almost experienced some type of scam in our lives. The digital world is on such fast-moving platter that the expansion of scams is gushing through too. More and more scams are being tested and developed and tried on innocent people each and every day. So many professional companies to get in trouble despite the security they possess. There are so many types of scam in the present and they keep changing its trends and developing them just like that fashion of clothing trends.

It is important that we educate ourselves about the scams that are present in the digital world that could harm us and ruin our personal cyber accounts. 1 in every 5 American is being scammed each and every minute unknowingly and this is indeed a very sad situation to hear and talk about. Scammers will never stop scamming you for what they gain. But it is our duty to protect ourselves from it. If you are not aware of the types of scams and the harmful effects of it, you could get to know more about the scams and educate yourself by reading this article.
Let’s get to know what phishing scams are all about. Before getting to the depth of knowing what phishing scams are about, it is important that you learn how to realize or identify such scams and notice the difference between it. Scams could come to you in various ways and modes of phone calls, links, and short message services (SMS), games, videos, emails, websites and so many other ways which they would try to get you hooked to the trap.
The main purpose or goal of a phishing scam is mainly designed and created to steal your money in any way possible. Cybercriminals work hard to build and create new methods and strategies to install malicious software into your computers and this software could probably help them out to recover all your personal information and bank details which are confidential and important to you.

Phishing Emails and Phoney Web Pages

This is one of the most popular scams at present, these emails or web pages frighten the victims and threaten them to visit these particular emails and web pages which would be resembling legitimate monetary authorities like PayPal, eBay or Citibank. And once you log in through any of these accounts and instead of directing you to the genuine Credit authority accounts, these links will simultaneously mislead you to a fake credit account and make you log in with your password and email ID. This is a great achievement for any scammer as this is a successful scam of his being completed to steal your money.

The Nigerian Scam

Most of you must have received an email from Nigerian women with one of her bogus stories stating that her husband has expired and that she got to provide a million dollars to the church. The scammers will make use of your innocent and kind emotions to work it out against you. You will be sincerely promised of a large sum of money being shared with you if their family fortune or business matters and you would be asked to pay off the legal fee to get the funds release. The more you are willing to support it the more you are being cheated around.

Lottery Scams

I’m sure most of you have received an email from you is the grand winner of the lottery promising you with a million dollars fortune and a vacation around the world. It all seems too good to be true when you realize that you have never entered such a draw. Once clicked to claim the money you are then asked to settle a processing fee of a subsequent amount. Once you pay the amount to claim your prize, you fee of processing has been long gone and you have never won anything at all.

Advanced Fee Paid for Guaranteed Loans or Credit Cards

You would be asked to pay up an advanced fee when applying for a loan or a credit card. Now, which bank would actually ask you to do that? Many banks who offer credit cards would only ask you to pay up an annual fee depending on the balance of the card and never at the time of applying for one. Therefore it is important that you be more cautious about your online transactions.

Overpayment: Items for Sale

An item that you have listen up for sale being approached by an individual offering to pay you more than the amount you have listed up for sale. He then states that the reason for overpayment is the overseas shipping fee and you were bound to send him your item and cash as a mean of difference. The received money order would definitely look legit and real, but in a few days time, your relevant bank would inform you that, it was a fake money order and demand you to settle their bad money back.

Employment Search Scam

Once you post your CV on an employment site you will be offered a reputed job as a financial representative of a company overseas which you have never heard of. The reason they would need to hire you is that the company has issues accepting cash from customers from the US and they would require you to handle these payments. You will be promised a certain amount of commission for each transaction. Once you apply for the job along with your bank details, you have helped the scammers to get hold of all your money and put you in a big trouble.

Disaster Relief Scams

Fake charitable websites are being created during times of natural disasters where so many people lose their loved ones and belonging. These websites would collect donations from people promising to provide it for the needy and steal all the money collected from all across the world.

Travel Scams

You are being offered of amazing destinations for a super holiday for an extremely low fare but it requires you to book it immediately or by the night before the offer goes away. Although the travel may seem extremely low or even free, you would notice the hotels being extremely overpriced. Once you make a booking for your hotel payment, you would realize that it was too good to be true and you have lost your money plus the vacation too. Common travel scam list

Chain emails: “make money fast”

Pyramid scheme business is a classical way of making money for scammers. You are asked to join in the chain of making money by paying a small payment at the beginning. And by getting others to join your chain, you would simultaneously earn a portion of their joining fee as well. Unfortunately, you would never earn a penny but scammers on the too top of the pyramid would do and thank you for helping them to be billionaires.

Turn your computer into a money-making machine

You send some money or purchase a software which indicates instructions on how you could actually make your computer into a money-making machine. Once you install such software, you are being asked to log in with your email ID and also you got to provide your PayPal details as well for your so-called money expectations to be dropped into. This software will help scammers gain all your personal information and also make your computer malfunction into a big mess and get all your money from the details you have provided them with.

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