Eating in a Restaurant Can Compromise Your Credit Card

Just when you think that you have perfectly managed everything and all your data and information is secured something unique happens. You will be amazed to know that over the past year the restaurant market has lost more than $200 million because of phishing scams. (US foods (2017)

Yes, you heard it right, even your favorite restaurant can be the cause that you are dealing with the sudden financial loss and identity theft issues. There are customers that have suffered from this incident and most of them are still confused that how it happens.

How it happens

Remember that it is not done by the restaurant owners or the managers because they have a repute to maintain. The data fraud is often done by the waiters or other employees that love to have some easy money in their pocket. Here are the two common ways that have been used by them.


It is a recently, used scheme. The waiters have a small gadget with the POS system. They can easily keep it in their pocket and no one will ever know. When you will give your credit card to the waiter, he or she will quickly swipe the card through the device and all the information on your card will be copied into another system. Now they have complete control over your account. They can use the money or sell your card on the black market. (US foods (2017)


It is most commonly used techniques that have been used by the hackers for many years.

  1. All they need to do is get the hold over your card for a few minutes.
  2. They will copy the number and other information on the credit card because it is enough for the identity theft.
  3. They can hack into the system of the bank and so can use your card.
  4. You will only find out when you will get the credit card bill at the end of your month. (Virginia (2017)

They have proper teams

One of the most shocking news you should know is that it is a team of culprits and not a single person who is doing such kind of tricks. They have highly developed agencies and assure to get their waiters appointed at special restaurants where most people from upper-class families come to visit. We all know that middle-class families prefer to carry cash and so such scams will not happen in such locations. Nor only the restaurants they also get their members appointed in the hotels, spas and other resorts where chances of using the credit cards are the highest. (US Foods (2017)

Once the customers will give them to cards their job is done. The hackers are waiting on the other side for the information to be transferred. It means that the waiter who is taking your card is just a puppet who will get the commission for the number of card information he can share with the hackers. Sam (2017)

Protection is important

It is better that you do not carry your credit cards to such locations or at least have them insured so you can get the compensation in case such issues happen. In the same way, restaurants have to be careful as well when they are hiring the waiters because such incidences will affect their repute in the market.


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