Current Identity Verification Undermines Your Privacy and Security

Identity is very important when it comes to our online presence and communicating with the internet and with people in general. These days it is mandatory to digitize our personal identity which can change the way in which we communicate overall and how we can more safely and securely.  From a basic login to a company website, to a citizen identity scheme technology has changed the way we should look at privacy and security to ensure we are not prone to identity theft and other malicious activities.

Identity verifications processes have evolved throughout the years and has changed in many different way, with more advanced systems or a more simplicity platform, people see identity verification different and it can sometimes be seen as a threat of data.

In the past identity was more related to a method of providing a person with access of a system to control, however now it is seen as a personal account almost of an identity that Is held on a network directory.  With your personal data being shared so openly, data threats and identity threats are more likely than ever and it is important to be wary and be aware of any threats to stop them.

Personal certificates were also something that had been tried and used to ensure identity verifications was much more personal than it was, however, the certificate goes through a process to verify the user before the certificate is finally issued to the user. Even though this may seem an unpopular verification method, many countries still use them for various services that require this type of identity verification for privacy and security.

The currency identity verification systems that have come in place from years ago and evolved to now and shown how people perceive the digital identity systems and how successful they are in functioning.

There are problems in the works of identity verification that can compromise a personal identity belonging to a company or individual. Some verification will claim certain information or try to make you click on something that is not a usual protocol for identity verification and can undermine your privacy and security. Personal details such as name, age, address, medical records and many other personal important details could be at threat and data security can be compromised.

Although there are some unethical identity verification methods that are a threat to identity , Blockchain is an honest and great alternative to working with existing Identity Verification Methods and targeting data threats.

Identity Ecosystem is a way of identity verifications by working from a certain number of players that has a corresponding online identity transaction such as Service provider, for example, a digital government service (SP). The identity provider is the platform that controls and manages the identity an online presence of that person to authorise verifications and ensure that there are no identity threats.

There is also attribute provider that is a third party provider that will provide attributes linked to person’s identity such as a medical insurance company or car insurance. The verification service is able to check a person’s status on most records that are needed and also third parties data that may be needed.

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