Passwords Do Not Protect Your Identity As Well As You Might Think

Almost everyone in the world everywhere has passwords for multiple platforms, whether it is social media or online shopping sites, there are so many passwords being entered these days that it can become a lot to remember but more importantly, compromise identity and make your online safety difficult to keep track of. When people use weak passwords with simple words, this can cause potential access to hackers easily as the password guess and characters are not as complicated and easy to access.

A hacker could easily have access to other information about you and use that as a tool to guess your password essentially. It is important to ensure you have stronger passwords that will ensure you are not prone to threats and data breach. Avoid passwords relating to assets that you may advertise publicly on social media and if you do, add different mixed characters that will not be subject to just one word.

Passwords are becoming unsafe as technology evolves and becomes more evident in the world. By 2020, many people will have over 30+ passwords for different websites and platforms and there is a chance that one or more could be compromised due to identical passwords or weak passwords that can easily be targeted by hackers and steal your digital identity as well as identity theft.

Many people set passwords for their devices such as phones, tablets, and laptops – and it is defiantly recommended to do so, but use a strong password that is not weak. Using different passwords for different devices is also a great option in terms of preventing data fraud and staying safe both offline and online.

Preventing Data Fraud & Identity Theft

To ensure safety for every device and website you opt into a password you need software of some sort that can ensure your digital identity is safe and not at risk of data breach, fraud or theft. There is much software available for phones, tablets, laptops both for Windows, IOS and Android and also other unique operating systems.

There are software’s such as Norton Security or Malawarebytes for your PC – be careful when searching for these types of software’s on play stores and app markets as some apps, once installed are a threat in itself, especially on Android devices as not all apps are fully verified and scanned automatically unless you have an existing malware/virus security system in place.

There is also AVG security that can be installed on almost any device. Having the same security software for each device is important to detect any potential threats and to deal with them quickly.  Having secure passwords is essential in  this day and age with the increase of software’s and hackers on the loose that can be hard to tackle if picked up too late and you are a victim of data fraud and identity theft.

Many people have reported being a victim of data theft and identity theft, where hackers steal all their information once they have hacked in certain or all accounts, they then work to discard information for specific networks on that person and essentially steal their identity; this is extremely dangerous considering bank accounts, bank statements and any other sensitive information can be access and money could potentially be lose as well as important data.

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