Identity Protection Myths – You are not as Safe as You Think

Every day a new type of data breach and identity theft technology is introduced in the market. Hackers are working on making their game strong and they assure that with the developing technology they can innovate their identity theft techniques as well.

You will be amazed to know that even with the highest protection 13 million people are victimized almost every year (Morgan (2014). It is important that you do not get confused by the protection promises made by the online platforms. Here are some of the common myths that you should beware of.

Privacy settings on social media will protect you

A common myth that we all believe is that our information is secure on all the social media sites and especially Facebook. However, you do not know that all the data you share on Facebook is stored on its servers and the hackers can get this data anytime they like.

In fact, even passwords can’t help you secure your social media identity.

 Debit cards are safer as compared to credit cards

It is a common misconception that debit cards are safer than credit cards. You should know that the credit cards are insured. It means that if you are suffering from data breach or identity theft situation there are chances that bank will compensate you for the credit card but it will not happen for your debit card.

You will get secured online shopping platform

It is the age of online shopping. Every other person is spending money online on different products and gadgets. However, they do not understand that most of the identity thefts are done on online shopping platform.

  • Your credit card information is misused
  • Your identity is shared with third-party organizations
  • They might steal the information related to your license

When you are entering any kind of information online it is better that you check the https tag because such platforms are secured.

Only adults are affected by identity theft

More than 14 thousand children are suffering from the issue of identity theft Morgan (2014). The reason is that adults understand how to protect their information but most of the children are not aware of the situation and they often share the information they are not supposed to. This is the reason cases of child trafficking has increased.

Identity is only a financial crime

Identity theft is not a financial crime only. Hacker can use your name and face on a different platform to meet their illegal requirements. If the data is traced you are the one who would be held responsible for the crime without doing anything wrong.

Bottom line

It is important that you protect yourself from identity theft. Apart from making your profile secure, it would be appreciated if you do not share your personal information online whether it is your address or the account information. In case you notice that someone is trying to steal your information, or your accounts are being hacked it is better that you inform the authorities before it is too late.

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