How Spammers Reach Your Google Inbox

There is a common epidemic that we all known as the spam. Recently, it has been noticed that the number of spam mails is increasing in the inbox. They populate the inbox due to which often the important emails are missed, and we have to deal with difficult situations.(Web spam (2009))

Most of the people are confused that how the spammers have been able to reach their Google inbox when they did not share their email address. Here are some of the common techniques that are used by spammers.

Buy lists illegally

It is one of the commonest wats used by spammers to get the required email addresses. There are many online stores that sell your emails address and other useful information on the black market and most of the dealers are spammers.

They will give good money for the list because more emails they can send the better are the chances of hacking more systems or grabbing the attention of people to meet their illegal requirements. (Chris (2016))

Use crawl and scrap tools

There is a special crawl and scrap program developed by the spammers. In this program, all the addresses that have an ‘@’ in them are scraped from the internet. The system will crawl into the web pages and collect all the required information. This information is used by the spammers to send emails to all the valid addresses. (Paul (2017))

Fake newsletter

When we visit a website whether it is a blog, online shopping platform or brand they will always ask us to sign up for the newsletter, so we can get all the important information related to the business and blogs (Chris (2016)). However, most of these newsletters are fake. They are directly associated with the system of the spammers and when you will enter your information it will be directly received by the spammers that they will use for their own benefits. To protect yourself from such situations.

  • Do not sign in to the newsletters
  • Only sign in to that newsletter that belongs to authentic platforms
  • Carefully read the privacy policy of the website

Dictionary program

There is a special dictionary program used by the hackers and spammers. The program will generate numerous alphabetic and numerical email addresses in the list form. Most of the results generated by the system are incorrect but it is the simplest and cheapest way used by the spammers to get into the Google inbox of several individuals. (Paul (2017))

Bottom line

Recently, Google has introduced a built-in program that will remove all the spam emails from your inbox and will collect them in a separate spam box. However, if you do not have this facility it is better that you use different types of spam blockers available online. They will protect your mail inbox from all the unwanted crap so that you can only view and deal with the emails that are important to you. Remember that there are several fake emails that have been sent by hackers so blocking spam is important for your security.

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