Your Digital Identity on the Blockchain – A Match Made in Heaven

Blockchain has come a long way and there are many individuals that are interested in investing in the cryptocurrency. However, what stops them is whether the platform is safe enough to keep their money away from the hackers.

Recently, it has been noticed that blockchain is using the biometric technology for the protection of information and data. We are well aware of this technology because in our smart devices we have been using the biometric scanners that can only read our fingerprints. (Susan (2017)

However, there is still some confusion that how the added protection of the biometric will save their digital identity on the blockchain. We all know that blockchain technology is tamper and tout resistant but still, they required the biometric protection for digital identity.

Storing digital information on blockchain

In blockchain, there are many uses of biometrics and they can be used together in the following ways.

  • It can help to store all the information related to your digital identity and other biodata related to your blockchain platform.
  • There will be a similarly centralized ledger that can use technology to work with the private and public aspects of the system (Susan (2017))
  • We all know that storing your information in the public log will be like attracting hackers for the digital identity theft
  • However, it can revolutionize the way you have been securing your identity when you will get the access to the centralized database of biometrics

Digital identity as the blockchain key

When you have shared your identity on the blockchain platform you will get long passwords or a key to secure your data and you can use it for transactions. A common issue that has been noticed over the past few years is the stolen or lost passwords.

However, with the help of digital identity authentication, the system has been able to protect the data from theft or tampering. It includes different types of biometric screening that will help in the recovery of the lost key and help you change the stolen password so your identity can be protected. (Andreas (2017))

Once you have adjusted your password all information related to your digital identity will be tampering proof. It provides a very strict protection mechanism due to which hackers have been unable to get into the system. It will cause a reduction in the thefts that happen because of the blockchain key.

Control of the government

Whether you like it or not there is a centralized system that is controlled by the government and all your information related to digital identity is stored in that system. It is associated with the REAL ID Act according to which the ay thorities are allowed to take the digital photographs of the individuals and there are some states that have been collecting the fingerprints to assure that they can provide better protection. (Susan (2017)

So we can say that in the digital work the best protection against all types of thefts is provided by blockchain. It is the only platform where your digital identity is secured.

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