Why Should You Care About Your Identity if You Have Nothing to Hide?

An ordinary person usually has nothing to hide actually but when this person is asked for their email login or bank account then he or she may refuse to do so. This is because these are their private things and without their permission, nobody can intrude into their privacy.

It should be the person’s sole discretion whether he or she wants to share the personal details to a third party. This is because privacy is a basic human right whether it is offline or online. Keeping this hidden is not because there is something to hide but because it is safe and also you would not want someone to spy on your private matters.

In this age when you have so many online thieves who may just take your data and misuse it just for fun or to harass you. Also, you may have a political view that is different from other people. It is your view and no one has the right to question you on this. But when you divulge your details the hackers can intrude into this and make use the data the way they need it. So it is safe to not divulge the data.

Also, technology has advanced so much that when you buy something online or browse for something also these details can be known by the companies. So they use this technology to send you some personalized ads. So many people are targeted this way. This way they target their audience and in this process, they can increase their sales. But if you have not divulged any of your details then you are not bombarded with such ads. So being a private person you are saved from such intrusion and also you can save a lot of money by not getting lured by such ads.

These companies need to protect your privacy and for this, it should be encrypted securely so that no third party can misuse such data. So keep your online identity secure from these malicious attacks. These can be used to steal your money and harm you in many other ways too.

In the modern age, the data is like currency. It has a high value for the companies selling products and offering services. After gathering data these companies can target their audience on their preferences. It is also found that some companies sell this data to others. This is called data leak and it can be harmful to your privacy and also in many other ways.

So people need to protect their privacy and their data. So always use encrypted services or private service that protects your data. This will stop the internet spies from encroaching on your privacy and causing you any harm.

Protecting your data is your responsibility. When you protect your data and also help others to protect theirs you are making this world a safe place and also giving a less chance for hackers and the like to attack you.

It is time you care about your identity not because you have something to hide but to make this world a better place to live.

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