From Travelling Abroad to Shopping Online — You Need Identity Everywhere

This is the digital age and all our actions are done using the internet either on the phone or computer. Most of the people stay online for long hours. From traveling abroad to shopping online we always use our identity applications.

This is the trend the world over wherever most of the transactions and other work are done digitally. So you have to go with the flow. Today no airline sells tickets the traditional way. So are the other businesses that have switched over to the digital mode. So whether you like it or not you are bound to use the digital mode.

To go abroad you book ticket online and get an eticket either via your mail on your computer or phone. Most of such work is paperless. It saves paper and a lot of work too. In turn fewer trees are cut as these are the main sources of making paper.

The earth becomes a better place to live when the greenery is preserved. When booking the tickets you share your identity and in the same way you share your online identity when you shop for goods.

You get all information regarding the delivery of goods to your address via the mail and phone messages. If you wish to shop online you cannot hide your details. All the details like your address, phone number and everything has to be revealed including your email address.

These companies then use these data of several such customers as audience to target them with specific ads according to their browsing and shopping history. They benefit from such communications.

When you are sent some ads related to what you have shopped for or browsed you will be lured to buy more of such goods. The companies selling such products such increase their sales and hence their revenue.

Also when you go abroad you buy tickets and the travel agencies, insurance agencies and even the airlines will be given all your identities. Then they target you with their offers for other travel destinations, policies and also the airlines will let you know about their new offers and the like.

The customers get to know about all these and they too benefit it through this. But many a time this may be an intrusion into your privacy too. You may not wish to receive all kinds of mails every day. The number of mails increases so much from all these companies that so much of your time is wasted in just viewing them.

So it is a distraction but in this age it becomes difficult to hide your details. But if so wish you can bar such companies from sending mails by blocking them. So though you are sent a mail you will not receive it.

In addition you need to be careful with whom you share your details. There are a lot of scammers who may use your details like the credit card and such to cheat you and rob you too. Always use encrypted sites and also avoid using public devices to book tickets or share your identity. This is the best way to stay safe.

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