Criminal, Financial, Medical, Synthetic and more… Identity thefts you may already be a victim to

Many organizations are recognizing the fact that despite their best efforts, security breaches are now the norm.

The records breached in the year 2016 are a staggering 554,454,942 with total number of 974 breach incidents with over 29 million breaches records. The interesting thing was that more than 52% of these breaches were unknown.

Just to startle you, there are more than 3 million breach cases every day— 126,936 instances happen every hour — 2,116 breach cases happen every minute—35 breach cases happen every second.

Identity theft has become a tactic for online criminals. The first half of 2017, we saw a track record of more than 1 billion stolen records.

Identity criminals are interested in seeking information from health and government organizations. Credit cards are built with security measures that limit the risk and exposure of an individual. We have seen a continuation of the assaults that made cybersecurity an uppermost priority for business executives in many companies

 What’s even more interesting is that these breaches took place despite company’s constant measures to defend their profiles. The increasing number of data theft indicates that more data is available for robbery including data from mobile devices, social media, and digital transactions.

For example, more than 77% of fraud cases in India in 2015 were identity thefts.

These cases are not only limited to India alone, in fact, countries in Asia like Turkey, but UAE and China have also experienced such situations. I believe that anyone can fall victim to identity theft especially people that readily believe what he or she read or hear.

To worsen the whole scenario, some thieves use lawyers’ names to deceive people. They use the lawyer’s names to establish credibility after stealing people’s money.

Usually, the thieves are based somewhere in Africa, but they receive the money from the US. Unsuspecting victims end up confused after the scam, and even when the fraud is resolved, it is too late to make adjustments.

According to the identity protection, Hackers steal banks statements, pre-approved credit offers, and even tax information. They obtain information from Phones, laptops, cards, IDs from wallets, passports and even passports. They also hack into the database of secured website to steal information

We have seen many records of these breaches.

There are also case studies of data breaches in the health industry, financial industry, retail, and technology industry. The healthcare led all sectors with 263 data breaches, followed by the financial sector with 118 data breaches. 

Why should you care?

A common question that people ask is ‘Why should I care? I have nothing to hide.’ The statement is a misconception. You have many reasons to protect your privacy from the hands of identity hackers, who might steal your data and sell to data brokers. These companies are responsible for identity theft, unwanted advertisement, and cyber victimization.

What is the solution? is the solution aimed at protecting user’s identity through the blockchain technology. All identity holders of the technology possess a unique ID number to which their data are associated. All identity holders’ information is secure. User have full control of their private data like passport numbers, Healthcare card numbers and Tax file number.

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