Each minute 19 people fall victim to identity cases in India

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Every Minute 19 People fall victim of Identity Theft in India

Many people have shared horror stories of their experience with identity thieves. Identity thieves are increasing in skillet. They are always hacking into secured websites to steal user’s information.

For instance, fling.com dating website experienced a breach in 2016. Millions of credentials were stolen from the site. The information taken from the site includes IP address, passwords, usernames, birth records, and email address. The hackers put up the information for sale on the dark web.

Another case was that of a video streaming and photo sharing app called 17 media. Malicious hackers hacked into more than 30 million of their records and stole their user’s email address, passwords, and phone numbers.

There are still many cases of data breaches which include

55 million record breaches from the Philippine government agency

27 million data breaches from the mate one dating site

93.4 million Identity breaches from the Mexican voters

45 million data breaches from the vertical scope

9.3 million Identity theft from the US health care insurers database.

Identify thefts are carried out by malicious outsiders, malicious insiders, hacker-visits, and state-sponsored hackers. In India, there are have been various cases of identity theft.

According to the Fraud report by Experian, every minute 19 people fall victim to identity cases in India from unsuspected individuals who might have registered for a gym membership. Once the thieves obtain your data, they can take loans or credit cards in names, forge your debit cards, or write bank cheques in your name. They could even impersonate you to commit murder crime.

For instance, Mrs. Singh shared her story of how thieves opened an account through her bank. They sent a voicemail that her line of credit was approved. They succeeded in opening an online account attempting to get a credit line increase because the new credit was low. The thieves decided that they need an enormous amount of credit to purchase electronics. They spoke to the bank over the phone to obtain the security information. They called the woman and pretended to be the bank representative. They claimed that they needed the passwords for their records. The thieves took her security number, her date of birth, and her home number.

In conclusion, she had to notify the three credit bureaus, to place a 7-year victim customer statement on her credit report.

The bottom line is this: These criminal acts fast, they pretended to be a legislative representative of a primary lender. We need to protect our data from these hackers. However, how can we protect our data without keeping it with a third party?

Velix.id is the perfect solution. Velix.id aims provide a platform every user protects their data. They decide whom they disclose their information. Velix.id also allow for a faultless exchange of identity between organizations and business with the explicit consent of the users.

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