Velix.ID aims to strengthen Indians national biometric database

Biometric database is ubiquitous these days, especially in India. The Indian government provides everyone with a 12-digit number associated with their fingerprints. Right now, the government has gathered more than 90% of its citizen’s data and issued over 1 billion names.

The intentions are great as only 65 million people in the country own passports. Therefore it is hard for many people to establish their identity when applying for government programs or opening new bank accounts. The Aadhaar number is issued to citizens to help people access government programs and fight corruption.

However, as the database began to grow, problems started to emerge in the system. First, the government made it mandatory for everyone to enroll in the Aadhaar number. Secondly, the government made the number compulsory for everyday tasks, such as obtaining a passport, buying a phone or filling in tax returns.

This implies that the randomly-generated number creates a centralized database linked to all aspects of the citizens’ life including marriage, education, employment, and health. Now, the government have access to all the citizens’ data and also grant foreign companies full access to the fingerprints and iris scans.

The Aadhaar number touches every aspect of the society, even death. Aadhaar has become an issue in the national media and affects all class of people: the urban, middle, educated and lower-class citizens.

The database of India can be bought for less than £6 – “This is data fraud.” Surprisingly, the government has decided to engage in identity fraud of its citizens. The caches of the biometric data are available online. Despite the introduction of the Aadhaar number, more than 6 million people in India do not have a bank account, and many remote areas still lack 3G or 4G network service.

According to a newspaper report, folks in various Whatsapp group charge £5.82 to access s the information from the Aadhaar database, including the email and home address, name, numbers, and photographs of people.  More than 200 websites reveal the Aadhaar numbers with their names, address, and bank account. The government claims that the database will enable more Indians into the digital economy and allow access to social programmes in the country.  However, we can see that the service paves the way for more Digital theft because scammers will use the information for email phishing.

As more private companies use the database, it will become difficult for any citizen to create a new bank account, get married, or buy a plane ticket without enrolling for the program.

It has become evident that the program is not for the poor but for data agencies to use the database to track Indians calls, purchases and travels.

Velix.ID – The solution platform

The current centralized model has many shortcomings such as unwarranted financial loss. Many users are becoming aware of the risk surrounding their data and want to control their data. Many organizations are campaigning for users to manage their data.

Velix.ID is one of the organizations aimed at revolutionizing the way we identify ourselves. Velix.ID aims to strengthen Indian national biometric database by issuing an Alpha numeric ID. The identity number will include all the data of an individual. Users only need to enter their Identity number, and the identity seeker will get verified data through Velix.ID Blockchain. Velix.ID aims to strengthen Indians national biometric database will not save users information on their system but allow each to keep their data.


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