4 Ways for Students to Avoid Online Identity Theft

Identity theft is thriving today because hackers can carry out cyberbullying from the comfort of their bedroom. The internet is so versatile that someone can set up a fake Amazon page or a phony facebook login address to steal people login details. The dreading aspect of online data theft is that students can also become victims of data theft. Research reveals that 1 in 40 households have a minor child whose personal information has been stolen by online criminals.  With the increasing number of identity and data theft, parents should be aware of the common threat and the online safety measures to guard their kids against online hackers.

Here are four ways to prevent your kids from identity theft

Beware of phishing sites

A phishing site is a “fake copycat, “of an original website meant to steal user’s username, password, SSN, and personal information. Some phishing sites ask users to enter their credit card digits, bank account number, home address and health insurance id. Phishing scams are very common with gaming sites. Teach your kids how to type site address rather than click on links. Also stress the importance of check the spelling of a site before logging in with their personal information.

Keep your SSN to yourself

Don’t use your child SNN number when signing him for online programs. Most companies do not need your child SSN but request it for convince sake. In most cases, organizations list other alternatives to entering the SSN, If you have to input the number, do it over the phone, rather than online.

Deploy privacy settings

Many people became prey to online hackers, just by sharing their phone number and email online.  Always ensure that your kids use strict security measures on all his social media accounts and pages. Always Download apps and games from trusted sites, as Trojans, malware, and spyware come with cracked games and software which steal your passwords and private information. Inform your child not to download or install games and soft wares from disreputable sites.

Enable a two-step verification process

It is not enough to have a secure password. Criminals can use “the password reset option” to obtain access to anyone’s account. Two-step verification is the sure way to secure your child account from offenders.


Remember, that no matter how you try to secure your information, “you are still human.” Hackers trick humans, not technology. Hackers can gain access to your account after committing a SIM port, even if you were diligent. We rely on the internet for communicating with friends and families and even confirming purchases. This implies that our personal information, usernames, passwords, is stored on a centralized server. Malicious agents only need to deploy the right method to find anyone’s identity. The only solution is a “decentralized identity verification” which works differently from a centralized model. A decentralized model enables you to perform transactions without sharing your personal information with anybody.

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