Teenage group – Most vulnerable to Identity theft

When you are surfing internet for any purpose, you leave behind your digital footprints everywhere, just like you leave your footprints on a floor. Digital footprint can be technically explained as our personal data that we put on a website, accessing personal accounts or while using any social media platform during an online activity. Of course, one can wipe the floor but unfortunately, that is not applicable to digital footprints that we leave on online platform consequently making ourselves vulnerable to identity theft. Social media accounts, tagged images, scraps of text, professional presences etc. they all act as a platform from where your personal identity can be stolen. Here in this article, we are going to talk about teenagers who are most vulnerable to data breach.

Why you should be concerned?

As we all can understand that there must be some consequences that will hit us once someone gets access to our data. But what they can be? Your account may get drained and payments will be made by opening new credit card accounts on your name or one can easily open new gas, electric or phone account and they can be used for many illegal activities. Other than that they can take a sneak peek into your bank account and play with it, while you will be sitting idle noticing nothing or get a good medical insurance in your name and again leaving you in jeopardy or use your identity to get bail, if arrested, which is quite possible..and many more!


A quite disturbing report published by  Javelin Strategy and Research says that in the year 2014 around 22 percent of students (three times higher than the average identity-theft victim) were informed of their identity being stolen and they had been a victim of identity-theft after they were denied credit or were contacted by some debt
collector. Thus, it becomes important to know why students are most vulnerable to their identity and data being stolen. They don’t have any criminal record, thus making all the illegal activities easier to be carried out. A clean credit history, that helps in opening credit card accounts and get loans easily. No fraudulent action, no scrutiny issue. Also, students generally do not pay much attention to where their documents are going and for what purpose, which later on causes harm by ending up in some unauthorized hand. They also get more scam offers than any other age group where once they get involved, their pieces of information are easily stolen. This age group generally comprises of teens and as per Forbes data only 29% of teens are aware of having their identity stolen.

The solution key

So when none of the technologies, already available, are helping that’s where we can use the concept of a Decentralized technique of identity verification. The very basic way of identity verification which is done these days by our government is a centralized one, where the key to all your information is kept at one authority. As multiple pieces of information are kept at one place, it makes the system most vulnerable to security breaches. Instead, when we use decentralized identity verification technique, multiple organization takes part in maintaining a database of a unique individual. Velix.ID works on the same principle where it will provide its users with an Alpha numeric ID. The ID number will include all the information of a user, which he/she can use to provide their verified data to any seeker, through Velix.ID blockchain. Here, your identity and data becomes more secure following the fact that more parties are involved in validation, thus more difficult it becomes to collude and defraud.

Data-theft or data-breach is like a bug in your life. A hacker, not only gets information about your personal activities, rather gets hold of it too. Major changes can be done on your behalf and you won’t even know. Thus, be vigilant about protecting your information and never assume that such a crime cannot happen to you.

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