Identity Verification in Cryptocurrencies Decoded

The internet is, without doubt, one of the greatest inventions of mankind ever. This is what truly made the world a global village, by liberalizing the access to information the world over, access to which was only the exclusive forte of a fortunate few amongst us. With the proliferation of the internet, e-commerce and other online services were given birth and in extension the need for each internet user to create their own online identity. Despite the innumerable amount of good the internet has been able to do in the world, a lot of challenges have risen since its dawn that if not taken care of, will continue to expose internet users to uncountable dangers. Chief among these problems is the scourge that is identity theft, this menace although not entirely pioneered by the rise of the internet, there is no doubt that the easy access of the internet has amplified this problem to the scale that it cost over $100 billion to protect identities online every year, and even more in the costs of not doing so. From credit card fraud to theft of sensitive private information, identity is a serious business that requires an urgent solution for both the public and the businesses that deal with them.

The Velix.ID  Solution

Velix.ID is a blockchain based startup with a focus on the identity verification industry of the world which seeks to redefine the industry, shake things up and set new standards that will provide the best possible solutions to the myriad of problems that plague the industry as it presently stands. Velix.ID is a platform that seeks to leverage on the pervasive penetration of the blockchain technology to provide glove-fit solutions for businesses and individuals in this field. Velix.ID hopes to be the one-stop shop where individuals finally get to have a completely secure, highly accessible, and seamless means of identifying themselves without fearing being compromised wherever they might be around the world

An Air-Tight Platform

What gives the Velix.ID the edge to deliver the solutions for both individuals and businesses as far as identity verification is concerned is the renowned incorruptibility of the blockchain technology that powers it. Being a decentralized platform, Velix.ID will provide internet users with unfettered access to a seamless platform that absolutely protects their identity on a database that can literally not be compromised by any single entity on earth. The Velix.ID platform ensures that a user”s ID  can neither be counterfeited nor can any other person access it without their express consent. Velix.ID will save its users a lot of time as they trot around the globe, by ensuring the platform is instantly accessible, and that businesses that deal with the user can be absolutely sure of the genuineness of any transaction simply by their mere use of the platform.

A Money Saver For Businesses

From expensive chargebacks to breach of security, businesses all over the world suffer to the tune of tens of billions of dollars in costs of ensuring the safety of identity verification mechanisms. These funds could easily be used by businesses to pursue other projects or expand their operations, with the Velix ID businesses will save tons of money as they have a simple and extremely cost-effective means of accurately identifying their customers in order to assent to transactions. Losses that have to do with improper identification, as well as extra internal costs on security, will be a thing of the past for busiensses< as the Velix ID platform offers them the all-convenience platform that solves their problems on this facet of their business.

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