The Do’s and Don’ts of Securing your identity on Social Media

The internet is a whole alternate universe with unlimited possibilities for its users. It has been the one technology that made access to information as hassle-free and as cheap as possible, destroying the stranglehold a few privileged individuals amongst us had for too long. One of the greatest achievements of the internet so far has been the pervading social media phenomenon. From Facebook to Twitter, Snapchat to Pinterest over half of the human population is signed up to on social media platform or the other. We use them to find old friends, look for jobs or love, but this new social trend comes with its own risks as our identity now more than ever is under threat from malicious online hackers.


The 2FA & Other Safety Solutions

The rise of the internet also just under a decade ago gave birth to the first stable decentralized digital currency, the Bitcoin. Suddenly now you can buy, sell, send and receive money or any other things of value right from your computer or Smartphone without resorting to banks or other middlemen or agents. With the advent of these digital currencies and the threat that is posed by hackers on social media info, which can be easily used to steal one’s digital currencies, an innovative solution was created to aid people keep their info and assets safe, known as Two-Factor Authentication (2FA)

2FA simply means an extra layer of security that any service provider gives its users the option of using when they access their accounts. This can range from their social media timelines to an online gaming account and more recently cryptocurrency wallets. There is no shortage of advice on how to keep your social media safe online, but some of the most important ones include:


  • Avoidance of any form of sharing personal information linked to your social media accounts. When filling out forms, carrying out online transactions of any sort, it is advised to ensure that no form of private information is being revealed to unknown sources,
  • Giving access to passwords protecting social media accounts. For no reason should passwords protecting your accounts should be given out because it serves as a window of opportunity for hijacking of personal accounts,
  • Leaving personal devices unattended to should be extremely avoided. This could result in the easy access to vital information which could, in turn, give way to hijacking of accounts or financial information,
  • A little sense of security would go a long way. Knowing when to change passwords, frequent updates of 2FA details which should still remain unknown to a 3rd party. The 1st party being the device and the individual being the second,
  • Installation and usage of security applications which prevents access to malicious sites, unsafe links and so on. These applications are necessary to help prevent the access to websites or external links which are regarded unsafe by the application. Note, this should be a trusted application with good reviews,
  • Being security conscious about your immediate environment could prevent hacks ad hijack. When logging in to either Twitter or Instagram, be mindful of your surroundings and be affirmative that no one is observing you and the activity on your mobile.
  • Do not give out sensitive information to strangers. On no occasion should vital information concerning your digital accounts be revealed to a 3rd party,
  • While making payments with either your credit or debit card, your card should not remain in the hands of the individual attending to you longer than required,
  • Usage of similar password for all social media accounts should be avoided. On the note where one of your accounts has been hacked into, it’s only natural for the hacker to try the same pattern on other accounts. So, try and stay clear of this to avoid easy access to several accounts simultaneously.

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