The worth of your digital identity – $5000

Over half of the population of the human race is connected to the internet, billions are very active on social media posting every aspect of their daily lives, from the food they eat to the clubs they go to unwind after a stressful week. Our lives as a people are increasingly dominated by our online presence and the identity we carve out for ourselves there. But is there any actual value to our identities online, apart from the personal info that we often put up there? Will all a breach of our identity online cost us be a scandal or does it have an actual worth in dollars and cents?

Asking the experts in this field, and well almost anyone who has had real tangible personal data stolen before, they will tell you the true cost of identity theft. This is an industry that is worth tens of billions of dollars every year. Online hackers and other pariah-state sponsored criminals are on the prowl every day honing new sophisticated skills in order to get to your digital data. The rise of the dark web, a sinister part of the internet where all illegal activity like child porn, drug, and weapon sales goes on without restriction has now ensured that online criminals now have a ready market to sell off their stolen merchandise and make actual money from it without having to actually use it.

A Credit Card Info Marketplace

On the dark web, there full-fledged international credit card data marketplaces where criminals and their collaborators transact, usually using untraceable means of exchange to sell your stolen credit card data as well as other sensitive info like SSN, and even your home address. It is no longer a surprising thing to hear someone complaining of being drained to the tune of thousands of dollars while they were asleep as these criminals go on a shopping spree halfway around the world. Your online identity with which your sensitive financial instruments can be actuated can and will cost you in the thousands of dollars if you don’t take the appropriate measures to protect yourself. What’s so terrifying about online data theft is that even giants like Yahoo whom we trust to keep our data safe are no longer as airtight as we thought they were. The internet giant has been breached time and again as its latest data breach has cost the company billions of dollars in compensation as well as further security upgrade costs, not to talk of the trust it is fast losing from its users.

The Velix.ID Way

Velix.ID is a revolutionary platform that leverages on the incorruptibility of the blockchain technology to deliver what will be the world’s safest and most convenient identity protection service. The way Velix.ID does protect your online identity is that once your online ID is uploaded on the blockchain, you can be sure of two things. One that your data can never be duplicated by anyone to be used, posing as yourself, and two; no one will have actual access to the data without you’re your explicit consent. Velix.ID is the platform that comes with the complete and affordable solution to the nightmare that the internet is fast becoming when it comes to securing our identities.

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