Why you should care about the ID2020 Alliance announced during the World Economic Forum

The World Economic Forum which brings together some of the world’s biggest and brightest business minds is not a boring place to be, and this year proved nothing less. Among the grand speeches, interviews, and musings of great intellectual and business minds around the world, there was one announcement that you and I should all care about as it truly matters, and could shape the world we and our children will live in, in the very near future.

The ID2020 Alliance was announced during this year’s World Economic Forum, an initiative with very lofty ideals that has attracted the likes of Microsoft to its table as it aims to provide the solution to hundreds of millions of people around the world with identity problems. It is estimated that over a billion people spread around the continents of the world go about with no formal ID which denies them access to vital life amenities like schools, and hospitals. These people are often treated as aliens in their own home countries declared stateless, and are often the target of human traffickers around the world.

With the ID2020 initiative, the collaborators of this grand project will harness one of the greatest technological finds of recent history, the blockchain technology in order to offer people around the world with an easily accessible, secure, and completely seamless digital ID with which they can use to access vital services wherever they might be.

The ID2020 initiative got a donation of $1 million from Microsoft alone, with others such as Hyperledger and the UN computational center also part of the initiative. The blockchain technology no doubt represents a groundbreaking technology that is set to redefine standards in vast fields of life and industry. The ID2020 represents how vast the technology’s reach is in solving real humanitarian crisis, for people that would have been otherwise abandoned by society.

Apart from people with no identities, even those with face their own kinds of challenges as they go about their transactions in a digitally connected world. The blockchain technology in this niche again offers the solutions as startups such as Velix.ID have made groundbreaking progress in offering internet users all over the world with a seamless, user-friendly and completely hassle-free solution with their extremely secure digital ID verification platform.  The times ahead look rosy and more secure for users of online services, and people with no IDs as well, as thanks to the blockchain technology, we can now all see the light at the end of what has been a very dark tunnel.

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