Why Velix.ID will dominate the Blockchain Identity Verification space

The blockchain technology has unleashed itself and is making waves in virtually every sector of business and sphere of life. From creating the very first sable decentralized and completely un-compromisable means of exchange of value to the creation of brand new Smart Electricity Grids, the blockchain technology looks completely unstoppable wherever it turns its attention.

One of the very key industries where this technology is making fresh waves is the very important sector of identity verification. Our Online identities now represent a majority of our concerns than our non-online identities due to the fluidity of the internet. This nightmare industry cost individuals and companies tens of billions of dollars in lost money and data every year. With the entry of the blockchain technology into this field, one company that is setting standards well beyond all others is the Velix.ID platform.

Velix.ID is a platform that represents all the unanswered prayers of internet users and is set to provide a sweeping solution t the problems therein. The platform comes with a plethora of cutting-edge solutions which set to make it the dominant company worldwide in this niche. Some of the very practical reasons why Velix.ID will definitely set standards includes:


  • Convenience: One of the key reasons why our online identity is almost impossible to control and not lose is the fact that we are required to make fresh registrations and fresh entries whenever we interact with a new company on any transaction. This continues repetition is not only exposing us and our data to risks, it is also extremely tedious and unbefitting of tech-savvy users in this century. Velix.ID aims to make all the hassles of proving who you are a thing of the past. As instead of making multiple registrations with every new platform you interact with, Velix.ID offers all companies that wish to do business with you, with a single, seamless and incontrovertible source of your ID info. No more multiple registrations mean less difficulty, giving you and me the ultimate convenience as well rot the globe through cyberspace.
  • Control: When we drive our brand new Lamborghini on that highway, we feel the thrill of the experience and appreciate the finer things of life, but one thing that sticks to the back of our mind is the fear of losing control of the steering wheel even for a split of a second. This applies to our online identities, as are always conscious of the fact that even years after transacting with a company, we remain vulnerable to attacks and hijacks by hackers all over. Velix.ID is a platform that gives its users an absolute control over their identity. No more depending on your vendor to keep you safe. You choose if and who sees your identity, and you can be absolutely sure that it will not be counterfeited to be used maliciously anywhere in the world.
  • Incentive: The human being is always receptive to incentive, and this is one of the key drivers of the Velix.ID platform which will ensure the continued thriving of its platform. Unlike present systems where the user gives up control of their identity to companies without any form of payback, the Velix.ID puts you in charge of not just the consent-giving when it comes to your info, it also makes sure that the company you are transacting with pays you something in return for the privilege.

Velix.ID is a platform that has thought of all the solutions and with its ultimately user-friendly platform, its acceptance and eventual domination pf this new industry, will be incomparable to any other blockchain based platform trying to compete with it.

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