The mysterious identity of Satoshi Nakamoto

For someone that is currently worth over $10 billion, you would think that such a person will be as easy to find as browsing through Forbes’ rich list. But this is no ordinary billionaire, as he is not worth in any ordinary currency. Satoshi Nakamoto the creator of Bitcoin has eluded all efforts to pinpoint his whereabouts or identity for that matter. Much like the cryptographically stable currency he authored which has so far created an over half a trillion dollar industry within the last 9 years, Nakamoto still remains a subject of mystery and fascination as there is still no definitive proof he has ever been identified.

Theories and Conspiracies            

As the creator of one of the most disruptive technologies that still baffles governments around the world, there is no shortage of theories online and conspiracies as to who Nakamoto might be. There are those that believe that Satoshi is not a person but a pseudonym for a group that worked together to give birth to Bitcoin, while others are more inclined to theories where certain individuals were singled out to be potentially the Nakamoto the world is in awe of. Some of these individuals include


  • Dorian Nakamoto: When you share a surname with the most elusive celebrity on earth, there is always a fair chance you will be mistaken for them at one time or the other. Dorian Nakamoto a Japanese American living in California was among the most celebrated “findings” of who the Bitcoin creator was. With a background as a physicist and with previous work experience on classified government defense projects, Dorian Nakamoto was chased up and down by journalists who believed he was the true Nakamoto that created the first stable decentralized currency in the world. However Dorian Nakamoto consistently denied that he was indeed the creator of Bitcoin, and had never heard of it before the media frenzy began. Dorian’s claim was later backed up by one of Satoshi Nakamoto’s online accounts where he posted “I am not Dorian Nakamoto”
  • Hal Finney: If there was anyone that categorically knows the actual identity of Satoshi Nakamoto, then it is the man with whom the first ever Bitcoin transaction was made. Hal Finney a developer and a cryptography enthusiast was the man Satoshi Nakamoto made the first transfer of Bitcoins to. Finney like Dorian denied any attempts to label him as Satoshi, but Dorian Nakamoto’s defense was not helped by the fact that Finney happened to live a few blocks from him.
  • Craig Wright Steven: While others a denying any link to Bitcoin and being Satoshi Nakamoto, Craig Steven Wright is one that covers the role and has consistently claimed to be the man. Wright is an Australian developer and businessman who has given interviews to BBC, the Economist and other high profile publications claiming he has conclusive proof to the world that he is indeed Nakamoto. But his claims have been largely refuted as Wright who covets the limelight so much could not have been able to hide under billions of dollars worth of Bitcoin without splashing some out to prove he is the man.


As of present the search for Nakamoto is no closer to being concluded, and there is little hope that it will ever reach a fruitful end. Satoshi Nakamoto like the industry he created is one that covets his privacy, and it does help being the creator of one of the most advanced cryptography infrastructures ever created, to keep his identify away from everyone.

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