Announcement: Welcome Tony Simonovsky, CEO of, to Velix.ID

We would like to welcome, Tony Simonovsky, the CEO & Founder of and, who has joined the Velix.ID team as a Strategic Advisor.

Tony is a serial entrepreneur with more than 14 years of experience in digital marketing. In 2017 Tony started helping launches token sales by developing marketing strategies and executing on them. His efforts helped his clients, including KickICO, Gameflip and BnkToTheFuture sell more than $40,000,000 of tokens.

On Joining Velix.ID, Tony said:

I really like the vibe of Velix.ID team and I can see they are focused on the project and strategic partnerships rather than token sale. Another thing which appeals to me is that they are targeting specific geographical regions where they feel their company can bring biggest value and where they feel confident about the success.

After 2 years of working as an independent Google Analytics and conversion rate optimization specialist on Russian market, Tony started to do his first steps on the global market and very soon found out that there is still lack of good specialists in the field worldwide. With a stark rise in the demand for his services, he started Goodvertising, a data driven advertising agency that utilized web-statistics to improve conversion rates. Tony has since then helped with Public Relations, Communications, and Marketing for prominent ICOs including BnkToTheFuture, Gameflip, and KickICO.

Based on his enormous experience in the Cryptocurrency space and his expertise in PR & Marketing, Tony is an incomparable addition in the Velix.ID team, and his sound advice is helping Velix.ID PR & Marketing efforts grow.

Velix.ID team gives Tony a warm welcome!

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