Velix.ID increases tokens reserved for business development by 200 percent

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Velix.ID Token sale details

Velix.ID is restructuring its token allocation model to increase the share dedicated to the business utility of the VXD tokens.

Initially, a total of 15 percent tokens were reserved to help bring business partners on-board for identity verification. However, after a lot of deliberation and debate among the team and as per the advisors’ suggestions, the tokens reserved for the business partners on-boarding and retention have been increased to 30 percent of the total 100 million supply.

Once allocated to the business partners, these 30 million tokens will be locked in the smart contract through verification stamps, and could only be utilized for transactions of verified identities on the blockchain. Unlike the rest of the tokens, the VXDs allocated to business partners can’t be dumped or sold.

The hard cap has also been reduced from 34 million to 23.8 million, in accordance with the change in token allocation. The 30 percent slash in the hard cap is accounting for the equivalent 30 percent reduction in the tokens allotted to the initial token sale (from 50% to 35%).

This decision has been taken keeping in mind that the successful development of the product is of utmost priority. The earlier token sale allocation and hard cap were also decided after careful deliberating and projection modeling, but as we grow continuously at a rapid pace — some changes are inevitable.

The bonus structure for the entire token sale remains the same, whether for private investments, pre-sale, or crowd-sale.

The revised token allocation structure is as follows:

The crowd sale begins April 17. Sign-up now on account.velix.id and get notified when the day arrives. 5% Bonus for the first 24 hours! Find out more about Velix.ID and our Crowdsale at our site https://www.velix.id/

-429Days -3Hours -58Minutes -28Seconds

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