Velix.ID MVP is out on Google Play Store. Download Now!

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We have got news — Velix.ID MVP is out on Play Store!

The MVP, acronym for minimum viable product,  is a prototype on which the product is expected to expand further. The current Velix.ID MVP allows users to create a profile and update their basic PII details on it, along with uploading a photograph. These details are stored on the user’s own device or on their cloud, but no information is stored with Velix.ID.

The app will be expanded further to include authentication log of the details, support further levels of PII, and allow attestation of information through blockchain. Some of these changes will be announced in the coming days, and the rest will occur post the token sale.

Here’s an introduction to the existing MVP for you.

You download the MVP from the Google Play Store here.

When you open the Velix.ID app, you get the following screen allowing you to either generate a new Velix ID or logging in with an existing Velix ID by using the ‘Restore Velix.ID’ option.

Technically, it is possible to create multiple Velix IDs with the same email address, since the data is never stored with Velix.ID and there’s no way to tell if an email address is attached to an existing Velix ID.



To create a new Velix ID, users are simply required to enter their name and email address.



Ta-da! You have got a new Velix ID. You can now upload a photo to be associated with your Velix ID. Here’s mine, for example:



Here’s how the app menu looks like:



From the settings, you can choose to backup your data on Google cloud, in case you end up erasing your phone’s data. If you want to later restore this data, you can do so using the restore button in the settings as well:



You can download the MVP on Google Play Store here: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=velix.id.mobile

The MVP will be available for Apple users by April 30, 2018.

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